In general, it can be said that stone coffins are the most expensive at around SEK 5,000 – 10,000 per square meter, or around SEK 14 – 18,000 per length meter including VAT. Prices depend on location’s impact on shipping and machine requirements, construction and material selection. Prices can also vary significantly between providers, mostly depending on how much spare capacity they have. Therefore, we always recommend taking in several quotes (and always asking for references).

Material selection and access to own alt. rented machines can also affect prices between suppliers, however, it is our experience that free capacity is the factor that affects price differences the most. For that reason, it may be worth contacting brewers at times of the year when fewer people ask for quotes, i.e. not in the spring.

Light floating bridges are the cheapest of the bridge types and the other constructions (pile bridge, rock bridge and concrete ring) are generally somewhere between stone box and light floating bridges.

More information on prices will follow shortly.

Prices on piers